Ministries at St. Luke's

The Parish Web Site URL Has CHANGED [Sept. 1, 2014]

St. Luke the Evangelist Catholic Church in Raleigh, North Carolina has changed its web site from this URL <> to our new URL at

Please bookmark and use the new URL: as your primary site for information about the parish.

This page is no longer being updated.


For Additional Information Please Contact: Tammy Huffman, Ministry & Volunteer Coordinator (

Ministry Ministry Head Contact
Adoration Lillian Hill 919-327-3508
Altar Flowers Catherine Buscemi 919-518-0771
Altar Linens Michelle Wolf 919-847-3777
Altar Preparers Bev Weiland 919-454-7136
Altar Servers David Sofra 919-847-9978
Bereavement Kathy Burns 919-349-3939
Bible Study Gina Textor 919-848-3197
Catechumenate (RCIA) Gina Textor 919-848-3197
Catholic Parish Outreach Joe Jacobs & Joe Huray 919-562-1640 & 919-676-1816
College Care Camille Conzola/Teres Schofield 919-878-7976
Columbarium Chuck Seavert 919-714-3183
Gathering Space Keith Kosinski & Randi Ostack
Eucharistic Ministers Camille Conzola cconzola@bellsouth,net
Fatima Family Rosary Tammy Huffman 919-744-6998.
Finance Council Andy Kleitsch 919-274-9766
Gabriel Project Rose McCreery 919-847-8357
God's Housekeepers Diane Johnston 919-847-2488
Habitat for Humanity Bill Herhold 919-847-5473
Homebound Ministry Margaret McGarry 919-696-0879
Hospital Ministry Winnie Lewis 919-846-2489
Hospitality Jon Cochran 919- 671-4935
Landscaping Joann Cox 919-621-0852
Lectors Felipe Mendez
Legion of Mary Tammy Huffman or Tamah Sminkey 919-744-6998 or 301-509-0971
Knights of Columbus John Bihlmeyer
Masters of Ceremonies James Gardner 919-848-1533
Music James Gardner 919-848-1533
Nursing Home Ministers Cheryl Jacobs 919-562-1640
Our Lady's Rosary Makers Cathy Dren 919-847-6039
Parish Hall & Kitchen Missy Savage 919-431-9883
Pastoral Council Keith Kosinski 919-844-8588
Prayer and Healing Connie & Jorge Esguerra 919-848-6459
Prayer Line Teres Scofield 919-412-6542
RCIA (Catechumenate) Gina Textor 919-848-3197
Religious Education Gina Textor 919-848-3197
Respect Life Rose McCreery 919-847-8357
Stewardship Committee Jim Samborsky  
That Man Is You (TMIY) John Bihlmeyer
Youth Ministry Tim Hetzel