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A Note From Our Pastor [From August 3, 2014 Parish Bulletin]

Summer Greetings!

I love hearing stories of how our parishioners make our communities stronger and our world a better place.

Don Preskenis is a volunteer baseball coach. His wife Tina is very proud of him. She says, "Don has been coaching for many years. He loves it!!! We have had so many wonderful memories with the families of Wake Forest and watching their children grow in their love of the game." said, "Humbled and grateful were words Pirate's coach Don Preskenis used to describe his surprise when he was nominated for Wake Forest Today's Volunteer Coach of the Week. A parent from his team said, “Don is an incredible, passionate coach. We have been watching him for some time. Before we were drafted to Don’s (team) we dreaded playing him because his teams are so well-coached and capable. Don seems to have a knack for winning.” The parent added, “Now that we are a part of one of his teams, we understand why he wins. He takes great care to teach his players the right skills from throwing to hitting. He expects them to behave as a team and to always play with a lot of hustle. Our son learned more this year playing for Don than he has in all the years he has played.”

Thanks to Don and thanks to all of you for all you do to build up the kingdom of God and enhance the lives of people in our community.

Blessings in Christ,
Fr. Rob